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About Edinburgh Fire Consultants

Picture of Roman aqueduct, southern Spain.Welcome. Edinburgh Fire Consultants was Incorporated as a company in Scotland in the Summer of 1994. The main activity of Edinburgh Fire Consultants is fire safety in buildings. The scope of the work undertaken and the tasks carried out by the company since 1994 and by the Principal Consultant, Dr. Eric W. Marchant, since 1971 have varied widely. The portfolio details aspects of fire safety engineering with which the company has been involved throughout the United Kingdom.

Consultants with Edinburgh Fire Consultants are accepted as part of the design team for major construction projects. For special projects, such as the investigation of material and component failure, the consultants may work directly for the client or through a solicitor.

The company relocated to new premises during August 2001, follow this link to the contact page for our contact details.

The company is registered for VAT  (Registration No.: 694 1065 26)

Professional indemnity insurance is carried.

Use the following link for the printable version of our information.


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